Starting in 1985 with only a handful of used machine tools and a vision, Bev Webster began manufacturing parts for our first customers. Then, in 1988 with the approval of the State Corporation Commission, The Vista Corporation of Virginia became a reality. Over the years, Vista has flourished and grown into a successful organization. Without a doubt, a lot of Vista's growth and accomplishments are directly related to its employees. Although growth may seem slow at times, it has always been Vista's objective to continue to move forward in a positive direction that will most benefit the company, and therefore the employees.

We at Vista Corporation feel that to prevent a company from becoming stagnant, change is a necessity. Many changes have taken place over the years since the original organization of the company. We have broadened our market, enlarged our facility, added equipment and increased our most valuable resource with the addition of people. Change is essential in the development of an atmosphere that is conducive to achieving the desired results. As individuals, we must continue to grow with these changes. Although an individual's level of interest may vary due to personal circumstances, we must try not to allow our outside influences to become a factor in our judgment or the responsibilities of our day to day individual duties. We all need to maintain a positive interest in the well being of our company if it is to continue to be a successful and flourishing organization.

We at Vista Corporation are a very tight-knit group of people that take great pride in our work and our products. We have always strived for the highest of quality in every job we do. It takes the cooperative effort of every employee to maintain our reputation for quality workmanship that we have acquired over the years. Each and every employee has something to add to our organization. Quality means more than simply manufacturing and furnishing a good product. Quality requires teamwork, positive attitude, respect, responsibility, and loyalty. Almost anyone can be trained to perform a particular job, but the "body" of quality, as highlighted above, must come from within, and is usually a strong part of us well before we are ready to join the workforce.

Products that we produce(Links)

GE Power Assembly
Water Pump
V1/V2 Valve
Dual Flow Valve
Cam Journal

Quality Policy

Vista Corporation of Virginia re-manufactures and assembles locomotive engine components including power assemblies, water pumps, governors and cooling system components. Vista performs all work in accordance with work specifications and quality procedures.

Quality in everything we do is vital to the long-term success of The Vista Corporation of Virginia. The purpose of our Quality Policy is to achieve a level of performance that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Warranty Policy

The warranty Policy on all of our products is 1 year parts and labor, unless otherwise noted in our customers contracts.